About Mrs D

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Mrs D (or Fru D) is a keen traveler, always eager to zip away to a new place. Fru-d.com is where she attempts to record her precious travel memories (through photos) as well as links to personal travel blog posts by people all around the world. The motivation behind this website came from her realization that


1) She has tons of travel photos saved in her hard disks, stored away and seen by… erhm… no one! (Hardly even by herself)

2) She is a.k.a Mrs Planner. She does a fair amount of research for each trip and in the process learnt that personal blogs can be a great source of travel info since they are all based on real experiences. Online searches usually list many commercial websites and blogs instead of personal blog posts by travelers. She thought it would be useful to put together and share a list of good blog posts listed by cities/countries.

3) She was inspired to start her own website after reading so many interesting blogs and also thought it would be a great way to show her future generations what a cool person she actually is!


Mrs D is constantly curating and updating her website with more links to great travel blog posts. If you know of a good blog post and would like to share it with Mrs D, please email her at mrsd(at)fru-d.com.